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Love unites two Afghanis scarred by the legacy of war in Dennis O'Rourke's film, writes Steve Meacham in the Sydney Morning Herald »

16 January 2006

The title came first. During a flight from Australia to London to meet a commissioning editor, confessed "maverick filmmaker" Dennis O'Rourke came up with an engrossing phrase for his new project: land mines - a love story.

"A scrupulously filmed, sensitively structured documentary" writes Jason Steger in the Sydney Morning Herald »

16 January 2006

''When I see someone buying shoes or sandals, I get a drowning feeling in my heart.'' So says Habiba, an illiterate Afghan woman who had a leg blown off by a landmine while herding cattle. She is married to Shah, who lost his legs fighting for the mujahideen against the Soviets.

Review of Land Mines - A Love Story in the Australian newspaper »

11 May 2005

Land Mines: A Love Story (PG)
THIS subtle, delicate, superbly crafted documentary from Australia's Dennis O'Rourke looks at the marriage of a former Afghan soldier and his wife, both of whom have lost legs in landmine explosions. O'Rourke 's case against the use of mines is incidental to his moving portrayal of the couple and their struggle to survive with a young family.
Evan Williams

Wide-angle wanderer
By Lawrie Zion »

11 May 2005

Documentary-maker Dennis O'Rourke is determined to show the truth his camera sees, writes Lawrie Zion

ABC TV "At The Movies" show - review »

5 May 2005

Dennis O'Rourke is one of this country's most celebrated documentarians. His latest film is LAND MINES A LOVE STORY, which sounds like a contradiction in terms but when you see the film you'll understand the title.

Review of LAND MINES - A LOVE STORY by Paul Byrnes in the Sydney Morning Herald »

5 May 2005

A young Afghani woman, Habiba, sits on a gurney in a Red Cross clinic in Kabul, one leg dangling in front of her. A female staff member holds her other leg, a prosthesis, asking why she has cut away some of the top. Habiba, who's about 21, explains that it was hurting her stump, so she tried to fix it. Maybe it has something to do with her pregnancy, she says.

The Age, Melbourne May 2, 2005 »

5 May 2005

In Afghanistan, filmmaker Dennis O'Rourke found a love story amid the cruel legacy of war, writes Philippa Hawker. 'All my films ...

Art Review from the New York Times »

4 May 2005

CHICAGO - If Voltaire were still around to tell the story of globalization, two of his principal character types would be the enlightened, transnational citizen of the world and his imbecilic twin, the tourist. The second of these, a figure much reviled by globally minded sophisticates these days, is nominally the subject of a big, ambitious exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art here, called "Universal Experience: Art, Life and the Tourist's Eye."

Habiba »

27 April 2005

Ruth Hessey applauds the heroine of Dennis O'Rourke's latest documentary, Land Mines, A Love Story. [March 2005]

Italian story from: »

19 April 2005

"Half Life" è un meraviglioso documentario australiano del 1985 (che è stato trasmesso stanotte da Ghezzi su Raitre) girato da Dennis O'Rourke, che si occupa di fa luce su una delle tante, documentate, malefatte statunitensi del Dopoguerra.